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Tilde32 Provides Hosting services for small businesses, start-ups, and personal sites.  Our motto is, “We love technology so you don’t have to”.   Tilde has approached hosting this way. From our beginning in 2001 our clients needed reliable hosting for their ecommerce and business web sites.   Since then we have not looked back.

At tilde32 you are not just a number, we know you and know your site.   We offer a wide range of hosting options, contact us today so we can help you get the right solution for your project.  We are located in Grand Rapids and can meet and talk with you through the hosting setup process.

We have multiple data centers where we co-locate.  Based on your needs and hosting solutions we have a plan that can fit you.  Tilde32 offers Linux and Windows hosting.  Contact us for more information – [email protected]

What is a web host

A web host is a service provider that places your web site on a computer which is connected to the internet. This then gives people who surf the internet a way to access your website. The computer that the web hosting company uses is typically just like the computer you have at home, the only difference being that it is set up to serve up web sites and is therefore called a “server”. A web host will typically have a fast connection to the Internet and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the world wide web. Some large web hosts own their own datacenter (collection of servers), some rent a server from a larger web hosting company and then resell the space under their own company name. In this case the web host will manage your account on the server, but they will be renting the actual web space from another much larger company.

Ecommerce Hosting

One of the great powers of the internet is the ability to do commerce or sell items online. Tilde32 has implemented many successful online stores and ecommerce sites.
Tilde32 can help you build and maintain a successful ecommerce site. We offer Everything you need for your Business website in one All-Inclusive eCommerce Hosting Package with great features, fast and secure servers, multiple extras, and high quality customer assistance!
We can help you make a decision on how to sell products online.
Our current Ecommerce offering is tailored based on the Storefront package you choose:
Our ecommerce hosting package works well with Magento.

Magento Commerce

Magento commerce is one of the leading opensource ecommerce engines. Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their eCommerce store. Magento’s intuitive administration interface features powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by Varien’s support network, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce solution.
Companies of all sizes can utilize this great opensource ecommerce platform.


We also help getting some of the top ecommerce engines integrated into your site.   Shopify is one of the leading shopping / ecommerce sites on the web.  Ask us today how we can help you integrate your site.   Shopify Site

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